Manx Knobs Story

Long, long ago on the mystical Isle of Minty Mann, well about 40 years ago to be truthful, which is long, long ago if you’re a Manx Knob, all the happy Manx Knobs lived in blissful delight on their sweet and minty isle. But times were changing. It wasn’t long before the Knobs of Mann realised that they were being passed over in favour of cheap imports from the “other island” across the magical minty sea.

Soon many Knobs became sad and dejected, yes and grumpy! They realised that cheap and nasty imports had taken over all of the retail outlets on the mintyfull  Isle of Mann which of course has made all Happy Manx Knobs extremely grumpy, but now the Old Grumpy Manx Knobs are fed up with the imposters from over the water and are going to fight back and are going to re-open the Secret Manx Knob Mines .

Unfortunately they were so secret that no one can remember exactly where they are! !  ! This makes the Knobs extremely grumpy indeed. Well Knobs are not renowned for having longevity of memory. Can anyone remember (and it always helps to remember if you’re sucking an Old Grumpy Manx Knob) where the Olde Manx Knob mines are?

If you do remember where to find the mines you should post your message on the Original Manx Fudge Factory Facebook site

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