The Original Manx Fudge Factory was started by Peter and Owen Birch in their Kitchen at home, over many years they deleloped over 21 different fudge recipes for your enjoyment. The Fudge Factory now operates from commecial premises based in Ballasalla, and we still faithfully follow Peters original recipes.   

Only the finest ingredients are selected for our premium Manx Fudge including some of the finest Creamery Butter and Double Cream to be found throughout the world.

Manx Butter is rich and golden and the Double Cream is thick and smooth. Both go to make our fudge the one of finest fudges in the British Isles and this was backed up by our three gold stars for Honey fudge at the 2017 Great Taste Awards.

First we add granulated sugar and any fruits or nuts to the warmed pan.  Next we add lots of thick Manx Double Cream then slowly and lovingly bring it to the boil before adding the rich and golden Manx Butter. Glucose and Condensed milk follow after which the fudge is carefully boiled to perfection.

After cooling the fudge is poured on to silicone lined trays before being placed on a cooling table for up to 24hours to allow the sugar crystals to form . . . . 


before being cut ready for packing.

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