Mint Cake & Manx Tablet

Mint Cake confectionery is world famous, in particular that from Kendal. It was first produced in 1880 by Daniel Quiggin, one of the sons of the owner of a Manx Company, Quiggin’s, who had been making confectionery on the Isle of Man in Douglas since 1840 and producing over 60 different kinds of sweets

Mr W Quiggin was the first person to put letters into rock. In 1847 a stick of rock was presented to Prince Albert by Mr Quiggin's daughter when the Prince visited the Isle of Man, with the words "Welcome Prince Albert to Mona" through the centre of it.

The recipe behind the success of Quiggin's Kendal Mint Cake has changed very little down the years. Renowned for its energy-giving properties it has always been sought after by walkers, cyclists, sailors, all kinds of sportsmen and women, as well as famous mountaineers and explorers.

The recipe has been brought to the Isle of Man by Peter Birch and this famous energy giving product is now available from The Original Manx Fudge Factory and produced under the name Snaefell Manx Mint Cake